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Java Programing
by TimTim7719
 javagame.zip (1.68K) : 1I am trying to make a java game and when i try to uses user interaction / let me use the arrow keys and it will not run when i type in the right code there is no bad code. It says it there is nothing wrong.I will Attach the code I used eclipse IDE indgo version. Please Help.

Need latest book for java platform ee 6 web component developer certified expert exam 2011
by Praj123
Hi , I am planning to give the latest java platform ee 6 web component developer certified expert exam which is the latest one declared by oracle in dec 2011 version 1Z0-899 . Headfirst jsp and servlets by Kathy sierra is for version 1.5 and not for version 1.6. Can some one please recommend the book for latest version of this exam ? Regards, Praj

What's the best Java Hosting Solution?
by myhero
what is the best hosting solution for a spring framework application?

Developer Week in Review: Java on trial
by James Turner
Google and Oracle continue to duke it out in court, with more than just Android at risk. One developer uses cat feeders as a way to look at good software, and the PHP developers take a second try at fixing a critical bug.

Java Internationalization availability
by Johnny L
Interested in Java Internationalization. I see from your website that this book is not currently available. Could you tell me know when I might could expect availability? Thanks, Johnny Long

Which Java book is best to teach a coding newbie to write an Android App?
by Dave Trendler
I've finally come up with the app idea I think is worth spending the time to build! Hooray for dreaming! Now it's time to learn to code. I can read (not speak) HTML and can hack my way through basic CSS. I've managed to set up my own Apache webserver on Ubuntu with which I host several family photo "websites." That's the extent of my programming knowledge. For ...

Head First Java - Java API Documentation problem
by CJB1
Hello, I've just purchased the Head First Java book and in reading the intro I have downloaded the Java API Docs as suggested. I've tried extracting the Zip file, however it seems very, very slow. I left my computer for half an hour and only 5 percent had extracted and my processor usage was on 100 percent, so I gave up. I just wondered, is it absolutely neccessary to have the docs for the...

How to run xml code in Java application?
by Farhana
Hello, I am a new user of eclipse and sesame. I am trying to build an dynamic web application using eclipse. I am a RDF repository in sesame server. I am trying to link my RDF dataset to another RDF dataset (open linked dataset from the web). I am trying to use the same code ( http://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/silk/Link_Specification_Language) for interlinking just changing the dataset values ...

Bob Lee on Java references and the state of Java
by Timothy M. O'Brien
In this short interview from JavaOne, Square CTO Bob Lee discusses Java references and weighs in on the state of Java and the industry.

Java Help
by Tom.Blair
Hi, I am doing an assingment in eclipse and i was wondering if anyone knew what the code was to multi click two buttons in java. Can you please help.

A look at Java 7's new features
by Madhusudhan Konda
From strings in switch statements to support for dynamically-typed languages, here's a look at notable features included in Java 7.

What's happening at OSCON Java ?
by Sarah Novotny
OSCON's co-chairs preview sessions in the OSCON Java conference and they dig into the discussion generated by Edd Dumbill's "Seven reasons to use Java again" post.

The Java parade: What about IBM and Apache?
by Mike Loukides
Why did Mike Loukides leave IBM and Apache out of his recent piece, "Who leads the Java Parade?" Because — despite good reasons — they both opted out.

Who leads the Java parade?
by Mike Loukides
Are any of the companies in the Java community willing to exercise technical leadership? Are there organizations willing to bring the features Java needs to fruition? It's time for the real leader to stand up and address these questions.

Seven Java projects that changed the world
by Edd Dumbill
Reaching beyond mere adoption, these seven projects have had a profound effect on the Java world, software development in general, and even our daily lives.

Seven reasons you should use Java again
by Edd Dumbill
Sixteen years on, this ain't your father's Java. Here's seven reasons why Java is worth your time.

Why data and Java deserved OSCON sub-conferences
by Sarah Novotny
In this inaugural OSCON 2011 sneak peek podcast, Edd Dumbill and I talk about the history and evolution of OSCON (now in it's 13th year) and our reasons for moving data and Java into their own sub-conferences.

Deploy Java RESTful Application on the Google App Engine
by Adam Musial-Bright
I am a big fan of the Google App Engine (GEA) - which for me is the best PAAS on the market. The native support of Java, Python and recently also Go makes it a popular choice. It is also possible to implement applications in languages like Scala, JRuby, Clojure, Groovie ... which all run on the Java Virtual Machine. In this short article you will learn all the steps needed to deploy a RESTful ap...

Please, Need Steps to Run O'Reilly's QuickTime for Java Example Code
by caradeoso123
Mac OSX 10.6.4 Java 1.6.0 Terminal (bash) Hi, I haven't been able to run O'Reilly's QuickTime for Java example code. I bought the book, but the setup instructions are barely mentioned. It only mentions that I should use Apache Ant to build and run the example code. I've gotten as far as building with Ant the "build.xml" file that comes inside the example code folder (d...

PHP or Java for Enterprise Open Source Adoption
by jon.unger
I'm working on building a software suite that would be used in the enterprise information technology industry. This application would be released as open source and help technical support desks and the like better serve the business users. The platform will use Adobe Flex and either PHP or Java. I know many of the existing types of this system software is written in Java and/or .Net. While...