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GGZ-Java  May. 12, 2006

JTrac  May. 8, 2006

Dao-zero: implement your DAO intefaces  Apr. 28, 2006

DualRpc easy bidirectional RPC for GUI client to server  Apr. 25, 2006

ColoradoFTP - The Open Source FTP Server  Apr. 19, 2006

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O'Reilly Conference on Java

  Conference Coverage

Coverage of the O'Reilly's Enterprise Java Conference in Santa Clara, CA starts right here:

The O'Reilly Conference on Java: Day 3
Robert Eckstein reports on the keynote by Sun Microsystems' Simon Phipps, "Standards, Swarms, and Synergies," as well as sessions by Middleware vice president Doug Bateman on "SOAP" and O'Reilly author Hans Bergsten on "Custom Tag Libraries Using JavaServer Pages."

See which sessions are being offered and download presentations here.

View of expo -- click for full-size view.  Photo by Derrick Story.The Java Conference Expo opened Wednesday, and there was plenty to see and learn. Here's a 180 degree panorama of the expo floor so you can peek for yourself.

Here's a 180 degree panorama of the O'Reilly Java Conference keynote address with Simon Phipps. It's just like being there!

The O'Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java: Day 2
Steve Anglin overcomes obstacles to attend Mike Rosen's tutorial on CORBA and EJB and Jack Greenfield's talk on Patterns for Enterprise Applications.

The O'Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java: Day 1
Jonathan Knudsen reports on Jason Hunter's tutorial, "The Battle Above Servlets," in which Jason talked about technologies used in conjunction with Java Servlets to build Web applications.

An Interview with Simon Phipps
Sun Microsystems' chief technology evangelist talks about smart web services, the evolution of standards bodies, and why he wants a Bluetooth headset. Phipps is presenting the keynote at the conference.

Java Messenger Microphone JSP v. XSP
Sue Spielman looks at JSP and XSP to help you decide which is right for your development needs. Spielman is presenting a session on JSP at the conference.

Enabling Component Architectures with JMX
Marc Fleury and Juha Lindfors offer an explanation of the role of JMX components in J2EE platforms and how JMX boosted productivity in an open source project.

  Conference Photos

At the Java Jungle Jamboree sponsored by Sun. Photo by Derrick Story
View more images from Wednesday evening's Java Jungle Jamboree sponsored by Sun.

View photos from Wednesday afternoon (Images from the conference expo).

View Wednesday morning conference photos (Keynote shots of Simon Phipps).

View Tuesday afternoon conference photos.

View Tuesday morning conference photos.

View Monday afternoon conference photos.

View Monday morning conference photos.

  Conference Information

This year's O'Reilly Java Conference features an Expo with more than 30 participants incl uding Sun and Motorola. Check out our sponsor announcements page to see what these vendors are promoting.

Wednesday Conference Sessions

Thursday Conference Sessions


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