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Adobe GoLive Tip of the Week Keeping Track of File Usage in Adobe GoLive 6

Edited by Derrick Story

Have you ever wondered how many times a page, graphic, or PDF file is referenced throughout your site? Previous versions of GoLive indicated whether a file was referenced by placing a tick mark in the Used column in the Files tab of the Site window.

But GoLive 6 has improved this feature. If you widen the Used column by dragging the column header dividers with your cursor, you'll see that GoLive actually keeps a running tally of how many times a file is referenced throughout the site.

That's great for getting a quick idea about how many times a particular page is referenced throughout the site, but what if your boss comes over to your desk and asks, "And which pages are those anyway?"

To answer his question, simply right-click (or CTRL-click) on the reference number and choose "In & Out Links" from the drop-down menu. GoLive will open a new window that shows the pages those numbers represent.

Screen shot.
The Used column shows you how many times a page is referenced throughout the site. And if you right-click on the number, GoLive even tells you what those pages are.

To learn more about Adobe GoLive 6, visit Adobe's GoLive product page. If you want to learn more power-user tricks, visit Adobe's Expert Center (Registration required).