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Adobe GoLive Tip of the Week "Power User" Files Listing in Adobe GoLive 6

Edited by Derrick Story

If you use GoLive 6 to upload files to your Web server, you'll appreciate this handy tip.

After you've opened your site, File -> Open -> yoursite.site, log on to your server via FTP Site -> FTP Server. If you haven't provided the log-in data yet, GoLive will open your preferences so you can provide your account information.

Once you're logged in to your server, you can see all of your files by clicking on the FTP tab in the Site view pane.

Now open the Upload view pane by going to Site -> FTP Server -> Upload ... (either all or incremental). You'll be presented with an "Upload Options" dialogue box. Make sure you have checked the "Show list of files to upload" checkbox. This feature makes it easy to verify which files will be uploaded to the Web server before you proceed.

Make sure you have checked the "Show list of files to upload" checkbox so you can easily check your directory structure before uploading files.

Next, you'll be presented with the "Upload site" dialogue box. Make sure you have checked the "Show folder structure" checkbox (in the lower left-hand corner).

You can click on the disclosure triangles one at a time to reveal the contents of multiple and nested directories, but Option-clicking the disclosure triangle in the Upload site dialog box instantly reveals and hides all the files in all their nested directories.

By holding down the Option key when clicking on a disclousure triangle, you can instantly see all the nested directories and files.

Try it, you'll love having a complete overview of all the nested files and directories within a main directory with just one click.

To learn more about Adobe GoLive 6, visit Adobe's GoLive product page. If you want to learn more power-user tricks, visit Adobe's Expert Center (Registration required).