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Document Templates for TeX and LaTeX
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Note:You can download the templates below individually with the links provided, or view a listing of all of them here.

LaTeX templates

Use the latex command to process these templates.

  • A letter or other correspondence (letter.ltx)
  • An article, research or term paper (article.ltx)
  • A book manuscript (manuscript.ltx)

    This template requires that you have the LaTeX style file called "manuscript.sty", which most TeX distributions have installed at /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/misc/manuscript.sty.

TeX templates

Use the tex command to process the these templates.

  • A cover sheet for sending fax messages (fax.tex)
  • A No. 10 mailing envelope (envelope.tex)
  • A single mailing label for printing on standard 15-up sheets (label.tex)

    (There is a more advanced LaTeX style for printing many different kinds of shipping and package labels; it's normally installed at /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/labels/).

More templates

Here are some more complex template packages on the net that you might want to look at:

Next week: printing banners and signs.

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