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Sam Williams on "Linux in Government"

by Tara McGoldrick Walsh
Linux Newsletter for 07/15/2002

Dear Reader,

Open source has flourished in places where users view software not as a political football but as a pragmatic tool. In this article, Sam Williams looks at the impact of open source software in government--both inside and outside the U.S. There's also an interesting timeline of open source in governments around the world you can get to from this article.
Linux in Government

Sam Williams has also conducted an interview with Lisa Nyman co-creator of QuickFacts--a service that lets visitors track down city, county, state, and national census data using only a single pulldown menu. QuickFacts uses Perl scripts, Apache Web servers and a MySQL database to deliver increased interactivity at minimal cost. In this interview Ms. Nyman talks about QuickFacts and open source in government.
Lisa Nyman Discusses Open Source in Government

Planning to install MySQL? George Reese, coauthor of "Managing & Using MySQL, 2nd Edition," offers a set of best practices for MySQL administrators that will help with the security, maintenance, and performance of a MySQL installation.
Ten MySQL Best Practices

In this week's BSD column, Dru Lavigne explains the art of using CPIO to archive a list of files generated by the find or ls utilities.
Understanding CPIO

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We also have Stephen Figgins article on Humongous Entertainment, which has embraced Python as its new game-scripting language. Python gives Humongous a competitive advantage by offering more flexibility and programming power than its old game-scripting engine provided.
Humongous Python

And if you're hungry for more Python, a few of the "Python Cookbook" authors got together to offer a sampling of their Python recipes straight out of the book. From the unexpected exception to the fun programming tip, there's something here for every Python programmer.
Cooking with Python

Thanks for reading,

Tara A. McGoldrick
Web Editor
O'Reilly Network

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