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Linux Newsletter Monthly Wrap-up

by Tara McGoldrick Walsh
Linux Newsletter for 09/19/2002

Dear Reader,

We have four great articles to show you for this month's ONLamp review--just in case you missed them the first time around...

SpamShield: A Perl-Based Spam Filter for sendmail
This article focuses on one viable solution to spam, SpamShield 1.40 -- a Perl-based spam filter for sendmail. Learn how it works and how to install and configure it on your server.

Introducing Smarty: A PHP Template Engine
It is quite common for PHP developers to include other files in an effort to reuse code, but templates can make that job easier. This article shows you how to use Smarty, a PHP template engine that allows you to separate HMTL layout from code logic.

Eliminating Root with Sudo
If you're a system administrator, you're stuck between deciding to hand out the root password or doing everything for your users. A third solution is sudo. This article shows you how to implement sudo, which you may already have, since it is integrated into OpenBSD and Mac OS X and is an add-on package for just about every other Unix-like operating system out there.

Managing Advanced PF Logs
Jacek Artymaik shows how to implement a Perl script that reads pf logs from the pflog fifo pipe, archives logs on the monitoring firewall, and sends them to another fifo pipe so that log analysis software can pick them up for analysis.

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The O'Reilly Network Editors

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