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Gentoo, Gaming, and IRIX Signals

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 10/14/2002

Dear Reader,

This week, we are pleased to present three articles for your enjoyment.

In "Gentoo Linux Reloaded", Daniel Robbins, the lead architect of Gentoo Linux, explores the new features of the upcoming 1.4 release. Do you wonder why anyone would want to compile an entire operating system from scratch? Robbins explains this, and reveals that Gentoo just might make an interesting gaming platform.
Gentoo Linux Reloaded

Speaking of gaming, Howard Wen's "Free Frags with Cube" describes the Cube 3-D engine. Might its combination of price (free), freedom (free), and features (better than Quake in some areas) encourage the FPS mod scene to take open source operating systems more seriously? Possibly, possibly.
Free Frags with Cube

On the BSD side of the house, this week sees part four of Emmanuel Dreyfus' IRIX Binary Compatibility series. What does it take to emulate IRIX signal handling on NetBSD? A bit of manpage reading, a few hours in gdb, and a lot of intuition.
IRIX Binary Compatibility, Part 4

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Until next week,

Technical/Open Source Editor
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O'Reilly Network Linux Devcenter Top Five Articles Last Week

  1. Gentoo Linux Reloaded
    Over the past year, Gentoo Linux has grown from a niche distribution into something of a phenomenon in the Linux world. In this article, Gentoo Linux chief architect Daniel Robbins explains what Gentoo Linux is all about, describing the good things found in Gentoo Linux 1.4.

  2. Securing Linux: Why It's Worthwhile and Achievable
    Michael Bauer, author of Building Secure Servers with Linux, explains some of the reasons why it's both possible and worthwhile to secure Linux for use as an Internet server platform.

  3. Apache Vulnerabilities
    Noel Davis looks at buffer overflows in Apache, fetchmail, Heimdal, logsurfer, ghostview, kghostview, and WN Server; and problems in unzip, tar, gv, SMRSH, and rogue.

  4. Free Frags with Cube: The Linux First-Person Shooter
    Will the availability of attractive and feature-packed game engines attract mod communities to Linux? Howard Wen thinks so. This article introduces Cube 3-D, a simple, elegant, and free first-person shooter engine.

  5. Speeding up Linux Using hdparm
    Instantly double the I/O performance of your disks or, in some cases, show 6 to 10 times your existing throughput!

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