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Threads, Cartography, GRUB, and Routing

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 11/11/2002

Linux has long had a love/hate relationship with threads. Some of the POSIX standards are vague, others are obscure. Fortunately, the upcoming 2.6 (or 3.0) kernel supports two competing POSIX-compatible threading implementations. Jerry Cooperstein explores both in "Linux Multithreading Advances".

A few graphics here and there can really spice up your dynamic Web site, and where better to find inspiration than Hollywood? David Sklar, coauthor of the upcoming "PHP Cookbook," has combined PHP, census data, and cartography in "Trip Mapping with PHP." Is he ready for a stint at Lucasfilms? Maybe.

Third in a series on the "Top Five Open Source Packages for System Administrators," Æleen Frisch explains GRUB. Though the free Unixes don't require rebooting often, making that process easier may make your life easier. To configure GRUB for Linux, FreeBSD, or even Windows, read more.

Finally, Iljitsch van Beijnum, author of BGP, admits that he is warming up to host-based routers. In "Running Zebra on a Unix Machine," he explains how he installed and configured Zebra to act like a "real" router. Is this alternative for everyone? No, but it may be an alternative for you.

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Next week, we'll have reports from a couple of recent conferences--Trustsecure 2002 in Poland, and the Independent Game Developers Conference in Oregon. Yes, that means we'll be publishing more game articles in the near future.

As a side note, if you have a burning desire to see us cover something Linux- or LAMP-related, or if you have a great author in mind, please drop me a note. We're always looking for the best possible content.

That's all for this week. Enjoy the falling or budding leaves, depending on your hemisphere.

Technical Editor
O'Reilly Network

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