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Linux Newsletter Monthly Summary

by The O'Reilly Network Editors
Linux Newsletter for 12/16/2002

Dear Reader,

In case you missed them the first time around, here are five great articles from the Linux DevCenter this month.

Today's Unix: New All Over Again
Thirty years of Unix have seen many changes, writes Shelly Powers, coauthor of "Unix Power Tools, 3rd Edition," but the essential elegance and familiar old tools have remained. Thanks to the free software and open source momements, Unix is easier to use than ever. Shelly explores the state of modern Unix.

The SSH Cryptosystem
Configuring SSH
An essential tool in any system administrator's toolbox is the venerable SSH utility. Far more than just a replacement for telnet, it offers a wealth of configuration options--at the price of learning some new terms and concepts. But that's why we have Dru Lavigne. Our FreeBSD columns explains the theory and configuration of SSH.

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Samba Pushes the Boundaries Again
As nice as it would be to have a homogenous network, most of us live in a messier world. Free software has a way of forcing interoperability, though, and that's why the Samba project is so important. Dustin Puryear describes new features in version 2.2 and anticipated features in 3.0--including Active Directory support.

Internationalization and Localization with PHP
Although English is the de facto lingua franca of the Internet, presenting information in native languages is increasingly important. Fortunately, good programming practices (and good tools) make this possible. Adam Trachtenberg, coauthor of the "PHP Cookbook," demonstrates a technique that will save PHP programmers time and worry.

CVS Third-Party Tools
It is the nature of any useful free software project to grow until it supports plug-ins--and then, to attract a stable of the same. Emacs and Mozilla qualify. So does CVS. Looking for a nice front-end? Jennifer Vesperman presents a guide to some of the most useful and popular third-party add-ons to help you be more productive.

See you next month!

The O'Reilly Network Editors

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