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Mach/Darwin on NetBSD, IPSec Debugged, and PHP Directories

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 01/13/2003

It's Monday again, and that means another Linux newsletter. If you're triskadecaphobic, you might want to save this for tomorrow. Otherwise, read on to find out what happened last week.

Emmanuel Dreyfus, NetBSD hacker and O'Reilly Network columnist, made the news recently by letting slip that he'd had some success getting Mach and Darwin binaries to run on NetBSD. His goal is to enable NetBSD users to run Mac OS X binaries. That's right, there might be an Aqua interface for NetBSD in the future. Of course, that's not the whole of the story. Find out what's going on from Manu himself, in the Emmanuel Dreyfus Interview.

If you've been following Dru Lavigne's Cryptosystems series (and you really should!), you'll know enough by now to set up a virtual private network between two free Unix boxes. Hopefully, everything just works. If not, don't despair. Her final column in this series is all about Debugging IPSec.

John Coggeshall has also returned with the third article in his Working with Files in PHP series. This week, he looks at directories and the operations they support. Read more in Working with Directories in PHP.

Going to LinuxWorld Expo? Check out our LWE 2003 page for information on our O'Reilly booth. Drop by to meet authors, editors, and various other O'Reilly people, to check out new and well-loved books, and to pick up some free swag. (Your editor is also looking for a few people capable of writing entertaining conference reports.)

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The usual assortment of entertaining, provocative, and mercifully short weblogs applies. Next week, we'll discuss dynamic firewall rules and interview an open source game programmer.

Until then,

Technical Editor
O'Reilly Network and Linux DevCenter Top Five Articles Last Week

  1. Return of the Independent Game Developer?
    How different are games from other potentially open source programs? The recent Independent Game Developers Conference lead chromatic to ask that very question. Find out what's happening in the game development world and why some people think independent developers are about to become very important.

  2. Synchronizing Networks with NTP
    Accurate timekeeping is vital to accurate records, and accurate logs are the mainstay of good system administration. Glenn Graham explains NTP (the Network Time Protocol) and how to put it to work on your network.

  3. Emmanuel Dreyfus Interview
    A recent update of the NetBSD Mach and Darwin binary compatibility page left several people wondering if OS X apps now ran nearly-natively. Emmanuel Dreyfus, one of the leaders of the project, has graciously agreed to an interview. What's this binary compatibility and what does it mean?

  4. Buffer Overflows in SSH and PHP
    Noel Davis looks at buffer overflows in SSH, PHP, typespeed, Cyrus IMAP Server, Cyrus SASL library, and pdftops; and problems with PFinger, KDE, and zkfingerd.

  5. Slinky SliMP3: An Affordable MP3 Stereo Component
    With Christmas right around the corner, what does self-respecting geek Nat Torkington want under his tree? A hardware MP3 player that connects to his stereo and his home network. Read on to find out how well he likes it.

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