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OpenOffice Vulnerabilities, Spam and Virus Scanning, Zend Studio, and OpenGL

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 10/27/2003

Good day. This is the Linux newsletter, a weekly recap gratuitously filled with all sorts of open source development, administration, and entertainment information. Here's what's new on this week.

The people behind ONLamp typically don't get their due. With the recent unveiling of the new Linux DevCenter design, O'Reilly Network producers Sarah Breen and Miky Vacik have outdone themselves. Look for Miky's new logo images on the rest of the ONLamp DevCenters in coming weeks.

This week features an uncharacteristically soon Security Alerts column from Noel Davis. Titled OpenOffice Irritation, it reports potential remote vulnerabilities in, fetchmail, gdm, Apache Tomcat, ircd, Gallery, and Xsco. Please check your systems now.

This week also sees the final installment in Joe Stump's Advanced Mail Server series. Building an Advanced Mail Server, Part 3 explains how to install spam and virus protection on your new mail server. If you've ever wondered how to install and configure SpamAssassin or ClamAV, here's your guide. (If you've never thought about either, it's worth reading this article to find out why they're both useful.)

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The Animation in SDL series also saw a new installment. Bob Pendleton's Animation in SDL: OpenGL continues his exploration of drawing techniques. This week, he ports his examples to use OpenGL drawing primitives. Not only does this tend to be faster on modern hardware, it makes for much simpler code. In addition, you'll also get a great introduction to OpenGL concepts. Highly recommended.

Finally, John Coggeshall explains that LAMP development doesn't have to mean flipping Emacs buffers (or, perhaps better yet, vim windows). Looking into Zend Studio 3.0 explores the latest version of the powerful IDE from Zend. (For a confirmed command-line bigot, your editor is seriously tempted by remote debugging capabilities.)

This week's weblogs feature Tim O'Reilly suggesting that mobile phone providers should wake up and actually support current ideas, Andy Oram outlining information you can still find on the Internet, your editor asking "Why should we believe that Linux is good for game servers but not clients?", David Sklar demonstrating how outsourcing can violate privacy guidelines, and Rob Flickenger comparing free WiFi to free restrooms as a public good.

As usual, there's more good content than we can list--for example, Jack Herrington's The PHP Scalability Myth, comparing PHP favorably to J2EE. Feel free just to browse around the entire Network.

We'll be back next week with more interesting, informative, and evocative articles.

Until then,

Technical Editor
O'Reilly Network and Linux Devcenter Top Five Articles Last Week

  1. OpenOffice Irritation
    Noel Davis looks at problems in OpenOffice, slocate, fetchmail, GDM, Tomcat, ircd, HPUX's dtprintinfo, and Openserver's Xsco.

  2. Looking into Zend Studio 3.0
    Longtime PHP supporter Zend recently released Zend Studio 3.0, a revised and revamped development environment for PHP. PHP Foundations columnist John Coggeshall leaped at the chance to take it for a test drive.

  3. Installing Oracle 9iR2 on Red Hat 9
    While Oracle's understandably proud of their Linux support, Oracle 9i is unsupported on the latest and greatest Red Hat. That doesn't mean it doesn't work, just that you'll have to do a little tinkering. Roko Roic demonstrates how to install Oracle 91R2 on Red Hat 9.

  4. Building an Advanced Mail Server, Part 3
    While it'd be nice to pretend you never receive spam or viruses, server-side filters are a necessary evil. In the final installment of Building an Advanced Mail Server, Joe Stump demonstrates how to install and configure SpamAssassin and ClamAV.

  5. NeL: The Software Behind the Next Great MMORPG?
    Several people have theorized that the best mix of open source and gaming is to release the engine's source code while keeping the art, levels, and music restricted. Nevrax is doing just that with their upcoming Ryzom game. NeL, the engine code, is an actively-developed open source project. Howard Wen examines the company and the project and talks with a founder and a lead developer.

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