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Backups, Databases, Virtual Hosts, and UUCP

by chromatic
Linux Newsletter for 01/13/2004

Welcome to the Linux newsletter, your weekly guide to the new, the informative, and the entertaining on and the Linux DevCenter. Here's what's new this week.

Remember RouteWord, Andrew Odewahn's accidental puzzle discovery? We ran several puzzles through the month of December. RouteWord Solutions now provides the answers. Enjoy!

If you remember "the September that never ends", the days before the Green Card scam, and a vibrant and useful Usenet, you may remember an otherwise forgotten protocol called UUCP. Ahh, the days gone by. According to new author Sean Reifschneider, though, UUCP is still useful. His Mobile Email with UUCP explains why and how he uses UUCP on the road. If only we'd known that our laptops would have bandwidth, memory, and CPU power dwarfing our huge servers in 1993....

Of course, with that additional mobility, it's important to make sure your data is safe. Part of that process means running regular backups. Dan Langille solved this problem on his network recently with the oddly named Bacula. Bacula: Cross-Platform Client-Server Backups explains his solution and why he believes Bacula is the right approach.

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PHP Foundations columnist John Coggeshall continues his introduction to MySQL with MySQL Crash Course, Part 2. Knowing how to retrieve data is important, but it's useless if you never store data. This edition explains data manipulation: selecting the data you want, updating it, deleting it, and changing the tables.

Finally, Apache Cookbook coauthor Rich Bowen continues his "A Day in the Life of #Apache" series with Configuring Virtual Hosts. If you've ever struggled with this on Apache, you'll sympathize with the plight of the IRC user who petitioned #Apache for help with his server.

This week's weblogs feature Simon St.Laurent discussing local-interest weblogs, Steve Mallett exploring Microsoft's "Get the Facts" campaign, Eric M. Burke lamenting broken web apps that don't handle quotes, Andy Oram commenting on VeriSign as a monocultural bottleneck, brian d foy bringing up Perl certifications yet again, and Andy Lester memorializing Iain "Spoon" Truskett.

If you're not familiar with Iain, he was a young, energetic, decent, and hardworking Perl hacker who left us way too soon. We are better for having known him and lessened by losing him. Peace to all who mourn.

Not much else to say,

Technical Editor
O'Reilly Network and Linux Devcenter Top Five Articles Last Week

  1. Bacula: Cross-Platform Client-Server Backups
    Bacula may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of open source backup software. Dan Langille claims it's effective and useful, despite the odd name. He describes configuration and usage across multiple platforms and hardwares.

  2. Installing Oracle 9iR2 on Red Hat 9
    While Oracle's understandably proud of their Linux support, Oracle 9i is unsupported on the latest and greatest Red Hat. That doesn't mean it doesn't work, just that you'll have to do a little tinkering. Roko Roic demonstrates how to install Oracle 91R2 on Red Hat 9.

  3. MySQL Crash Course, Part 2
    Almost every serious web application uses a relational database to store its data. At some point, you'll have to learn how to use it. John Coggeshall explains how to change tables, select only the data you want, and delete rows from MySQL.

  4. A Day in the Life of #Apache
    In this installment of his new series based on conversations on the IRC channel, #Apache, Rich Bowen tackles configuration issues in the sometimes bewildering world of virtual hosts. By the time he's through, Rich will have even the most confused Apache administrator creating a functioning virtual host configuration. Rich is coauthor of the recently released Apache Cookbook.

  5. Professional Video Editing on Linux with Cinelerra
    Someday Linux will be a great platform for editing media files, right? If you know about Cinelerra, you know that day is soon, if not now. Howard Wen explores this high-quality, long-lived video editing application.

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