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Linux Gaming Resources

by Terrie Miller

Here's a handy summary of places to find information about Linux games and gaming. These resources will add fun to your Linux experience as well as provide resources to further your own game development work. And we've included a list of related articles previously featured on the O'Reilly Network.

Where to find games

Resources for Linux game developers

Past articles from the O'Reilly Network

  • Building a Game in Mozilla -- Mozilla offers a new choice in application development -- one that's open source and in full compliance with current Internet standards. To prove it, we're going to write an arcade game in Mozilla code. [06/30/2000]

  • Creating Real Time 3D Graphics With OpenGL -- OpenGL is the API of choice for many big time game developers. Here's an in-depth introduction to this sophisticated, 3D, hardware accelerated environment. [06/23/2000]

  • Crystal Space: 3D for Free -- How is this open source 3D graphics engine challenging Quake's? [05/16/2000]

  • An Interview with Loki Games' Scott Draeker -- Loki games founder Scott Draeker on porting Windows apps to Linux and the importance of giving back to the open source development community. [03/17/2000]

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