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Java and XML Week


This week, we focus on Java and XML as essential for business-to-business information interchange, synchronous data messaging, and business service objects, as well as content generation in the context of Java application and Web services development.

Java application and Web services developers can use the TRaX API for extending the JAXP API and its functionality. Craig Pfeifer provides a detailed introduction in this new ONJava.com feature XML processing with TRaX.

JAXP is just one of many Java and XML APIs, defined by Sun and implemented by the likes of Apache. Other Java and XML APIs include JAXM, a Java API for XML messaging, and JAXB, a Java API for XML binding. Also expect JAXW, a Java API for WML (Wireless Markup Language) development, for the Java 2ME (Micro Edition) in the coming months. Other JAX APIs are sure to follow, given the interest and need among Java developers to use XML.

For now though, you can learn about the JAX API as well as other Java and XML technologies (i.e., DOM, XSL/XSLT, Schemas, etc.) from the following ONJava.com articles:

Chatting in XML Financial Messages -- Dmeetry Raizman explains how to apply Java and XML to financial industry messaging transactions, including Real Time Chatting (RTC) between parties.

Crudlets: Making Peace Between Extreme Jini and XML Viewpoints -- Dave Sag expresses his opinion about the Jini and XML communities, and proposes crudlets as a peace offering for the two.

Java and XML

Java and XML
By Brett McLaughlin
1st Edition June 2000
0-596-00016-2, Order Number: 0162
498 pages, $39.95

JSP vs. XSP -- Sue Spielman looks at JSP and XSP to help you decide which is right for your development needs.

JMS and XML -- TA Flores describes JMS as an XML data transport model for B2B content exchange.

Java API Map -- Is the world of Java getting a little unweildy for you? Use our Java API map and directory to track all significant Java platforms and respective Java APIs. Includes the JAX Pack and MIDlets.

Using DOM to Traverse XML -- Stephanie Fesler shows you how to traverse an XML document in two different ways.

Scripting Java Applications with XML and Simkin -- Simkin, an open source scripting language, can be used to to incorporate behavior in XML. Simon Whiteside shows you how.

Developing, Applying and Optimizing XSLT with Java Servlets -- O'Reilly's upcoming Java and XSLT book author, Eric Burke, explains the fundamental patterns and techniques commonly used when XSLT and Java Servlets are combined.

For more Java and XML, go to XML.com.

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