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OS X Meets Java


Mac OS X has certainly created renewed interest in client-side Java, or J2SE, and its Java Foundation Classes (JFC), as well as extended client-side development packages and frameworks such as Java Media. There's even interest in Mac OS X as a possible server-side force, as well. This week, we look at the following columns and features, as originally published on O'Reilly's MacDevCenter.com.

Java Programming For Mac OS X

Whether you're a hobbyist or a commercial developer, there's a compelling Java story on Mac OS X. In his column, Daniel Steinberg presents examples for developers looking for cross-platform solutions, as well as those who want to write Mac OS X-specific applications in Java.

Write Twice, Run Anywhere
Swing applications on Mac OS X run great and, for the most part, look good, too. But what about the small things? Daniel Steinberg shows you how to tune a Java application so that it meets the expectations of Mac OS X users. Sept. 6, 2002

The IDEs of Mac
In this installment of his "Java Programming on the Mac" series, Daniel Steinberg takes you on a ramble through a handful of Java IDEs for Mac OS X. He looks at JBuilder, jEdit, NetBeans, Project Builder, and IDEA. Apr. 16, 2002

Using AppleScript to Compile and Run Java Code
Until recently, Daniel Steinberg did all of his coding in a text processor and used the Terminal to compile and run the code. In this month's column, he shows you how to use AppleScript to automate many of these tasks. Mar. 1, 2002

Adding Spell Checking to Your Swing Applications
Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to add spell checking to your Swing applications. It's so easy that the hardest part is downloading and installing the necessary files. Jan. 18, 2002

Good Books, Smalltalk, and Squeak
Java programmers looking for some interesting reading might enjoy a few selections from Daniel Steinberg's list; he also takes a look at Smalltalk and Squeak. Dec. 4, 2001

Shell Scripts, Command Lines, and Classpaths
Programming in Java on the Mac is a bit different than programming from within the Windows environment. This article examines issues involving classpaths, and running applications from the command line and through shell scripts. Oct. 2, 2001

Building a Simple Java Application in Mac OS X
The word is getting out that Mac OS X is a terrific development platform for Java. In this article, Daniel Steinberg shows you the basic steps needed to develop a simple GUI application. Aug. 3, 2001

Running Java Applications on Mac OS X
You can easily create double-clickable versions of Java applications for Mac OS X, using MRJAppBuilder. Daniel Steinberg shows you how. Jul. 6, 2001

Tomcat Java Web Server For Mac OS X

While Mac OS X has received much tribute as a client-side OS, it's also becoming clear that this OS is starting to become a server-side choice for some in the enterprise.

Installing Tomcat on Mac OS X
The Tomcat server is ideal for deploying Web applications and Web services. It's also a snap to install on Mac OS X. Here's how.

Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module
While there are a few available methods for integrating Tomcat with Apache, the recommended (and currently maintained) approach is to integrate Tomcat with Apache via the mod_jk module. Chad Thompson shows you how.

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