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ONJava 2005 Reader Survey Results, Part 2
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Could you extend your coverage of j2ee, there have been so many things in the more modern specs you keep missing and allocating resources to things on the fringes.

Thanks for the input. Are there some specific parts of J2EE you want to see covered more, like JMS, EJB, JAXP, etc.?

It seems like a number of the articles appear to focus on specific frameworks. I'd like to see a series that covers best practices for both SE and EE by themselves. Short "lightning-talk" style articles would be useful as well.

Good ideas, thanks.

Pressure from Web 2.0 style technologies (Google, del.icio.us, RSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails) will lead to simplified frameworks like Stripes.

I haven't tried Stripes; thanks for the suggestion. Did you check out the Trails article we cross-posted from java.net?

could you make the onjava search box search the onjava site by default first?

Will look into it, thanks.

I would be very interested in a series of books that explain individual tools in detail (Spring, AspectJ5, Ant, Tapestry, etc) and have a concluding book that combines all of these tools for use with best practice in development and deployment, within a team.

This sounds a little like the Better, Faster, Lighter Java approach. We'll forward this to our Java book editors, thanks.

Is it too hard to have O'Reilly conventions outside US? We have a terrible lack of events in Brazil.

OSCON just staged a successful European version. You might want to contact the O'Reilly Conference Team.

I'm suffering from Java-technology overload at the moment. It's fine to have articles for the advanced programmers, but remember articles for beginners trying to demonstrate how simple it can be to write apps in Java (if at all...)

Thanks for the feedback. It's important with the calls for more advanced material to remember the needs of readers at all skill levels.

I'm interested in web content management systems. For various reasons I have a bias for Java based software. Would like book on eg OpenCms (opencms.org)

I don't think we've touched content management systems. Any potential authors out there want to send a proposal?

You guys do a very good job. I'd like it if OnJava were prettier / easier to navigate. The ServerSide does a slightly better job of this.

Thanks. Layout and navigation of our sites are under consideration.

O'Reilly needs more tutorial-type books like the Head First series.

Any particular Head First topics you're interested in?

For question 23 [on the survey], how does one indicate 2 yrs, but fewer than 3 yrs, experience as a Java programmer?

Um, wait for us to rephrase the question next year. But wait, then you'll have three years. Sorry--we'll take a look at that.

More books/examples of interfacing Java with real world devices such as dicrete I/O, analog interfacing, device control, etc.

Could be interesting, could be too niche-y. It's hard to tell. We're definitely interested in a proposal.

You guys are doing a great job. Please continue the good work. I would like to see more articles on java open source tools and also would like an article on new Thread classes in Java 5.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Easy to understand and execute facility in editors to create WAR, JAR and EAR files

Does this suggest a need for an article on this, or a tool (like an Eclipse plugin) to provide this?

The articles I'm interested in (J2EE technos and clustering) are not very recent; so not based on the latest J2EE Application Software features

With J2EE 5.0 looming, we'll try to run newer EE material that speaks to the new spec.

Never, ever, write an article were the example doesn't compile or work. Please.

We'll try not to. We do catch things in editing; please use the comments to let us know when something doesn't work.

why does orielly not have any articles on using Macromedia flex and Java?

We do: Integrating Macromedia Flex with Java by Mark Eagle.

Your Java books are great add-ons for classroom work. My only complaints are that even the "Learning Java" titles tend to focus on multiple topics in a single code example, and many of the examples are dependant on using 1.5 - unavailable on OS X.

Interesting point on code examples--it is preferable to keep the examples focused on the topic at hand. As for J2SE 5.0 for Mac, it's out and you can get it from Apple's Java page.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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