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ONJava 2005 Reader Survey Results, Part 2
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Hi chromatic! --Tom C.

Hi, Tom. chromatic was two editors ago. He does ONLamp and Linux Dev Center now.

Sure. How about a "How to write articles for java.com" article to attract people that have something to give? Could help new stuff making it into the site.

Great idea. We have a writer's info pack that we email to prospective writers; it has a process guide, style guide, and an HTML template. We've talked about getting it up on the site, pending a few more revisions.

More portlet and portal

Thanks. Did you like Sunil Patil's What Is a Portlet?

more news about j2ee

We generally do feature articles and not news, per se, but we'll see what we can do as we bring new kinds of content to the site.

better support china language.

We don't do the site in non-English languages, but some authors allow their articles to be translated and republished elsewhere.

Note: Another response asked for content in Spanish as well.

Like everyone, I've really been looking at Ruby/Ruby on Rails lately - maybe you should write on article or two on JRuby and/or Trails.

See the earlier reply about Trails. JRuby is potentially interesting. What part of RoR do you find more interesting: the Ruby language or the fast website creation that Rails allows?

review more open source software

Open source frameworks are what we focus on, thanks.

Host "live" demos of stuff from articles.

We can appreciate how valuable this could be, but it may not be practical. We'll think about it, thanks.

I love the Head First books. While Jesse Liberty's C# books are great, I'd really like to see Kathy & Bert guide a C# expert through a book.

Glad you like the Head First series.

Java be peaking right now.

Do you think so? We think there's a lot to be optimistic about right now.

Looking forward to a good professional framework for AJAX development. It's the next step in web development, and when it gets good, the web is going to be much more fun/useful.

Have you tried Direct Web Remoting (DWR)? Do you know of other frameworks we should be writing about?

I suggested "Cubic Bezier Curves" as most books are array based, don't suit Java GeneralPaths, and keep too many secrets.

That might be a topic to explore with an article before venturing into a whole book. Any authors interested?

Would like to see more articles on methodologies & process and open source projects.

Did you like the "What Bugs to Fix When" series that was cross-posted from ONLamp? Are you interested in XP, Scrum, etc., as compared to RUP, etc?

more cutting edge/ early adopter stuff. and please more out of the box thingking like in the old oreilly days. These days most O'Reilly content is high mainstream and not very cutting edge

We'll keep an eye out for what's catching on. The danger with the cutting edge articles is that sometimes the approaches don't catch on. Last year, we ran a lot of AOP articles, and many of you complained that it was irrelevant to you, if not frivolous. So we look for a mix of emerging topics and widely-used stuff.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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