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ONJava 2005 Reader Survey Results, Part 2
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I think Oreilly needs to consider more articles on the latest developments in the Web Services section

Thanks. Are you referring to webservices.xml.com, or articles about web services here on ONJava?

Publish more books - more diversified. Realize that writers such as David Flanagan are getting old.

OK. Check out the book list on java.oreilly.com and let us know what you think is missing.

we need more video tutorials to learn things, like showing how to configure Eclipse to some framework.

Interesting idea. Do other readers think that video tutorials or screencasts would be an effective format for ONJava? Please leave a comment.

Something on XML databases and XQuery would be cool.

Thanks for the suggestion. We're open to a proposal on this.

Can we have more on : Distributed System - Jini, Spring Remoting, J2Me on the Mac, Java bluetooth on the mac

See Part 1 for the most popular topic requests. We'll keep these topics in mind, thanks.

I think on demand, asynchronous services are going to become a much bigger part of development and deployment. So, focus on java messaging (JMS, JBI), REST, and WS specs such as WS Reliable Messaging.

We've done a few pieces on various messaging standards and frameworks in the last year, as well as REST. There's a lot to do in the WS-* space.

Help to make Java easy.

We're trying!

Good site, I do find it hard to find older articles when nav through the topics. Can't determine the ordering or influence it. If it was an article that I read three yrs ago it is hard to find. Easier resource location would help

We'll take this into account in site design considerations, thanks.

I'm also interested in Groovy which runs on the Java VM.

That's interesting, because Groovy really dropped off a lot of people's radar in the last 12 months. It was way down in this year's survey, and the days of it drawing a standing room only session (as at JavaOne 2004) seem to be over.

The current wave (2 years PROVED that Java was/is GREAT); next I do the same for web applications (JSF and/or portlets) and by then, much improved J2EE books will be out (we may not go there); I need more DESIGN information, as you might get if you consolidated Evans, Martin, Fowler, Cooper, GoF and INTEGRATED all the "know how" for building a Java application (many volumes, per context - web app, applets, swing apps) I think I spend too much time refactoring things I could have done right the first time. I miss the certainties of design: structured programming (still doing it), structured design (rarely applies) and database design (temporal anomalies EVERYWHERE) and it's time the whole was unified.

Thanks for your thoughts.

I'd like to read more spring and ejb3 related stuff from you. Hibernate 3 is great when is used with ejb3 and some new books about hibernate3 and ejb3 (and all new features like annotations) are wellcome.

We definitely plan to cover EJB 3.0 further.

Salary Surveys.

That's not really a core competency for us. Would it help if we had business-oriented articles that pointed to such surveys?

Keep it up, especially the opinion pieces. Also, the tutorials are cool.

Thanks. We don't run a lot of opinion pieces because it's hard to get the right combination of author and topic, but when it works, it can be very interesting.

A Word of Thanks

Thank you again for participating in the survey, and for sharing your thoughts with us. We wanted to put all the responses out there this year, to show you what kinds of things your fellow readers want from the site, and to individually respond to each one in some meaningful way. We can't promise everything--some topics, for example, have proven notoriously difficult to find good writers for--but we'll do our best. Thanks.

By the way, the prize drawing for survey respondents has not yet taken place. We'll contact winners directly and announce the results in the ONJava Newsletter.

Chris Adamson is an author, editor, and developer specializing in iPhone and Mac.

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