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AJAX: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons
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You have now learned to use the Really Simple History API to make your AJAX applications respect bookmarks and the back and forward buttons, and have example code that can be used as scaffolding for creating your own applications. I look forward to seeing your AJAX inventions out in the wild, complete with bookmarks and history support.


Special thanks to everyone who reviewed this article and the Really Simple History framework: Michael Eakes, Jeremy Sevareid, David Barrett, Brendon Wilson, Dylan Parker, Erik Arvidsson, Alex Russell, Adam Fisk, Alex Lynch, Joseph Hoang Do, Richard MacManus, Garret Wilson, Ray Baxter, Chris Messina, and David Weekly.


Brad Neuberg has done extensive work in the open source community, contributing code to Mozilla, JXTA, the Jakarta Feed Parser, and more.

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