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The Community of Web 2.0

by Daniel H. Steinberg and Chris Adamson

"There's an incredible power in community. Most folks that I know in the software world--and now by 'software world' I mean folks who type code and who care about the technology--understand that they make choices based not on economics, but based on philosophies and beliefs, and you know, as I've said before: developers don't buy things; they join things. That's why we call it the open source community, not the open source marketplace. It's the developer community, the Java community, the Firefox community." -- Jonathan Schwartz

The Web 2.0 conference session was originally titled "Can Open Source Stay Open?," but Tim O'Reilly's conversation with Sun COO Jonathan Schwartz and Mozilla Foundation president Mitchell Baker became a wide-ranging discussion of the roles and values of participants in the emerging Web 2.0: what end users want (and can contribute), what open source provides (and who can make use of it), the power of distribution (and what good is a widely distributed lousy product), and more.

We're making this 48-minute discussion available as an MP3 podcast. To listen to it, download the link below, or look for it as part of our O'Reilly Network Podcasts feed, which includes our regularly scheduled podcast, Distributing the Future. You can also read more about the Web 2.0 sessions in the O'Reilly Network articles "Open Source and Web 2.0" and "Barry Diller Opens Web 2.0."

More sessions from the Web 2.0 Conference are being rolled out on a regular basis on the IT Conversations site, where you'll find many more new ideas through your headphones.

Download this podcast (MP3, 17.6MB)

Daniel H. Steinberg is the editor for the new series of Mac Developer titles for the Pragmatic Programmers. He writes feature articles for Apple's ADC web site and is a regular contributor to Mac Devcenter. He has presented at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, MacWorld, MacHack and other Mac developer conferences.

Chris Adamson is an author, editor, and developer specializing in iPhone and Mac.

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