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What Is Struts
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Struts' Other Great Features

We're running out of time. I promised you that it wouldn't take longer than five or ten minutes to read this and unfortunately, there are many other areas of Struts that deserve the same amount of attention. Just look at the following list of features that we haven't even talked about yet:

  • Support for modules

  • Declarative exception-handling

  • Dynamic ActionForms

  • New config package

  • Tiles

  • Plugins

We could go on all day, but you would eventually need another drink and your boss is expecting you to get some work done today, so we should end now and let you get back to work.

More Information on Struts

Hopefully, this quick review of the Struts framework has helped you in some way. Maybe you looked at the framework a long time ago and weren't aware of the vast changes that the framework has undergone. If you're interested in getting your hands on the latest version of Struts, you can find it from the main Struts site. The resources available on the Struts site have really improved with the last several versions. You can find wiki pages, projects and products built using the framework, FAQs, and many more interesting things. When I started using Struts in 2001, there were no books on Struts available. I believe my book Programming Jakarta Struts, published by O'Reilly (now in its second edition), was the second one published. You can see that there are now many books about Struts on the market, which gives you an indication of how popular the framework has truly become. Go and prosper!

Chuck Cavaness is a graduate from Georgia Tech with degrees in computer engineering and computer science. He has built Java-based enterprise systems in the healthcare, banking, and B2B sectors. He is also the author of two O'Reilly books, Programming Jakarta Struts and Jakarta Struts Pocket Reference.

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