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Hibernate Class Generation Using hbm2java
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Generating the Classes for a Real-World Project

Actually, hbm2java is designed to convert one hibernate mapping file into a corresponding set of Java classes. If you want to use this approach for a real application, it would be obviously more convenient to generate the classes for all of the Hibernate mapping files in one fell swoop. The best way to do this is integrate the class-generation task into your automated build process.

Integrating into an Ant Build Process

Invoking hbm2java using Ant is fairly straightforward. First, you need to declare the hbm2java task so that Ant can invoke it:

     <taskdef name="hbm2java"
Next, you use this task; for example, by writing a target to generate source code for all of the *.hbm.xml files in the source directory. Suppose ${src.hibernate} represents the directory containing the Hibernate mapping files, and ${src.generated} the directory where you want the source code to go. The Ant task could look something like this:
       <target name="codegen"
               description="Generate Java source code
                            from the Hibernate mapping files">
         <hbm2java output="${source.generated}">
           <fileset dir="${src.hibernate}">
             <include name="**/*.hbm.xml"/>

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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