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Monday Morning Java Conference Photos


All photos by Derrick Story, the O'Reilly Network. Press may use photos on this page as long as credit is attributed to D. Story/O'Reilly Network.

Jason Hunter.  Photo by Derrick Story.
Jason Hunter during his tutorial, The Battle Above the Servlets.

Jason Hunter.  Photo by Derrick Story.
Jason Hunter during class. Jason is a Senior Technologist with CollabNet, author of the book Java Servlet Programming, and publisher of Servlets.com

Class attendees.  Photo by Derrick Story.
Tutorial attendess get some hands-on training.

Class attendee.  Photo by Derrick Story.
In addition to useful print handouts, the O'Reilly Conference on Enterprise Java provides sessions, tutorials, exhibits, and informal meeting opportunties.

Full house at the tutorial.  Photo by Derrick Story.
It's a full house at Wednesday morning's tutorial.

Jason Hunter in class.  Photo by Derrick Story.
Jason Hunter answers a question from the class.

Display at the O'Reilly bookstore.  Photo by Derrick Story.
The O'Reilly bookstore is always a popular attraction.

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