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Tuesday Morning Java Conference Photos


All photos by Derrick Story, the O'Reilly Network. Press may use photos on this page as long as credit is attributed to D. Story/O'Reilly Network.

Hanging out at break time.  Photo by Derrick Story
The Santa Clara Conference Center is a great place to hang out during breaks between sessions.

Java at Java.  Of course!  Photo by Derrick Story.
Of course lots of coffee is served at the O'Reilly Java Conference.

David Lewis' class.  Photo by Derrick Story.
David Lewis' class, Introduction to EJB, was standing room only.

Ken Steck.  Photo by Derrick Story.
Ken Steck shows off some Bluetooth hardware during his course, Java and Bluetooth.

There's time to relax, too.  Photo by Derrick Story.
Course attendees seem to be very relaxed, enjoying the pace of the show.

Wireless networking makes for easy online access. Photo by Derrick Story.
The entire conference facility is 802.11 enabled so attendees have access to their projects and to each other.

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