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The O'Reilly Conference on Java:
Day 2


Although a dead battery delayed my arrival on the second day of O'Reilly's second annual Conference on Enterprise Java, I made it to Mike Rosen's morning tutorial on CORBA and EJB. Mike is the Chief Enterprise Architect for IONA Technologies Global Services group. He is also an author and consultant in the architecture and design of enterprise component applications for global corporations in telecom, insurance, and finance. He covered EJB 2, RMI, IIOP, RMI over IIOP, CORBA 3 and CCM (CORBA Component Model), EJB and CORBA interoperability, EJBs that facilitate CORBA interoperability, EJB and CORBA integration framework, IDL mappings and much more. Interoperability is an important topic in large-scale distributed application development and is a focus of this seminar, and yet it was only half-full.

At lunch I sat down with Daniel Steinberg, JavaWorld and IBM Developer Works writer and a speaker at this year's MacWorld. We talked about Java and Mac, including Java Media versus Quicktime, and whether Apple Computer could be the flag-bearer of the next implementation of Java Media. We talked with attendees about Java and XML. We found that many were interested in the open source development model and may attend O'Reilly's Open Source Conference in July.

I went to Jack Greenfield's packed afternoon tutorial on Patterns for Enterprise Applications. He spent an hour covering J2EE basics: API, Containers, Components, and Connections. Greenfield discussed enterprise application architecture requirements, including user types, data quantity and complexity, security, external resources, and platform issues. He covered patterns for enterprise applications and closed with numerous enterprise design pattern examples. The focus here was clearly on good Java design instead of programming.

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