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Wednesday Afternoon Java Conference Photos


All photos by Derrick Story, the O'Reilly Network. Press may use photos on this page as long as credit is attributed to D. Story/O'Reilly Network.

The Expo launched today right after the keynote address. Platinum sponsors Motorola and Sun Microsystems had impressive booths. Gold sponsors The Middleware Company, Nextel, and Progress Sonic MQ were also ready to meet with visitors and explain their services.

Sun booth.  Photo by Derrick Story.

Motorola booth.  Photo by Derrick Story.

Signing up for information. Photo by Derrick Story.

Chatting at the Expo. Photo by Derrick Story.

Seeing double with a popular O'Reilly title. Photo by Derrick Story.

Attendees and exhibitors chatting. Photo by Derrick Story.

Vendors have a chance to describe their offerings. Photo by Derrick Story.

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