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Java and XML: Web Publishing Frameworks

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Java and XML
By Brett McLaughlin

by Brett McLaughlin

This excerpt is Chapter 9 from Java and XML, published in June 2000 by O'Reilly.

This chapter begins our look at specific Java and XML topics. So far, we have covered the basics of using XML from Java, looking at the SAX and DOM APIs to manipulate XML and the fundamentals of using and creating XML itself. We've also looked at how JDOM can provide a more Java-centric means of using our XML data and documents within Java programs. Now that you have a grasp on using XML from your code, we will spend time on specific applications. The next six chapters represent the most significant applications of XML, and, in particular, how those applications are implemented in the Java space. While there are literally hundreds and soon to be thousands of important applications of XML, the topics in these chapters are those that continually seem to be in the spotlight, and that have a significant potential to change the way traditional development processes occur.

Web Publishing Frameworks
Selecting a Framework
Using a Publishing Framework
Cocoon 2.0 and Beyond
What's Next?

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