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Managing and Monitoring JBoss, Part 2

Chapter 8 of JBoss: A Developer's Notebook introduces the Web Console, an advanced version of the JMX Console. In part one of this two-part excerpt from the chapter, authors Norman Richards and Sam Griffith covered how to get started using the Web Console, how to work with the MBeans that allow you to monitor and manage your web apps, and how to create snapshots of your data over regular intervals.

A snapshot that lets you see what your app is doing is helpful, but what if you're looking for a specific problem? In today's excerpt from Chapter 8, Norman and Sam cover how to create a monitor for your app using the Web Console, as well as how to configure alerts to be sent via email and how to manage JBoss from the command line.

Download part two of Chapter 8 from JBoss: A Developer's Notebook (PDF, 238K).

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