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Developing a Simple JMS Example

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Java Message Service
By Richard Monson-Haefel, David A. Chappell

by David A. Chappell

This excerpt is Chapter 2 from Java Message Service, published in December 2000 by O'Reilly.

Now that you understand Message-Oriented Middleware and some JMS concepts, you are ready to write your first JMS application. This chapter provides a gentle introduction to JMS using the publish-and-subscribe messaging model. You will get your feet wet with JMS and learn some of the basic classes and interfaces. Chapter 4, Publish-and-Subscribe Messaging, covers publish-and-subscribe in detail, and Chapter 5, Point-to-Point Messaging, covers the point-to-point message model.

As with all examples in this book, example code and instructions specific to several vendors is provided in the book download at O'Reilly's web site. You will need to install and configure your JMS provider according to the instructions provided by your vendor.

The Chat Application

Getting Started with the Chat Example

Examining the Source Code

Bootstrapping the JMS client

Obtaining a JNDI connection

The TopicConnectionFactory

The TopicConnection

The TopicSession

The Topic

The TopicPublisher

The TopicSubscriber

The Message

Sessions and Threading

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