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Creating Toolbars Using SWT Creating Toolbars Using SWT

by Tim Hatton

The Eclipse platform continues to gain tremendous popularity as both a Java IDE and a Java platform for application programming. One of the core underpinnings of Eclipse is SWT, the Standard Widget Toolkit. For perfect hands-on direction using SWT, there is SWT: A Developer's Notebook. In typical Developer's Notebook style, Tim Hatton succinctly shows you how to make SWT work for you with no wasted words or time.

In this PDF excerpt, Tim dissects the final element that end users expect to see in a well-designed window: the toolbar. Each step is explained simply yet thorougly as you are guided through creating the toolbar, toolbar buttons, a complete toolbar example, and making the buttons work by adding listeners. In addition, you can learn how to add separators as well as check and radio tools while getting a glimpse at the actual page by page layout of the book.

This excerpt is offered as a 397K PDF.

Tim Hatton is the President of Millennium Learning Technologies, a company specializing in the custom design of IT courseware and learning methodologies. He has taught courses to developers at IBM, Lockheed-Martin, LexisNexis, and other Fortune 500 technology companies. Tim was a practicing attorney in a prior life.

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