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IntelliTXT FAQ


About IntelliTXT

What is it?
The doubly underlined links are provided by a product called IntelliTXT. It scans each page for both appropriate advertiser key-words and contextual relevancy. If a match is found, a small number of words are identified as sponsored links and decorated with a double underline that distinguishes them from other types of links. See the IntelliTXT site for more detailed information about the IntelliTXT product.

How does it work?
If you mouse over one of these sponsored links you will be presented with a ToolTip describing an advertiser's product or service. If you want to find out more information, you can click on the key-word and it will act like an ordinary link taking you to a page belonging to the advertising company. For every click on a highlighted key-word, we will receive a small payment.

Keyword relevancy
The key-word list has been chosen so as to be as relevant as possible to a technology site. For example, words like "rss" and "schema" will be considered relevant. Words like "community" and "professional" won't be considered relevant to turn into advertiser links no matter how often they might appear.

Why is this being done?

O'Reilly's online content remains free to our readers. Products like IntelliTXT allow us to continue to offer quality content for free. On the other hand, we invest time and money for the authors, editors, producers, as well as for the technology and infrastructure. As we're sure many will appreciate, there is pressure for us to generate revenue from advertising to cover all of the costs, and this is an opportunity for us to do just that.

What do you need to do?
Nothing. Continue to use the site as you've always used it. If you see any advertiser's products or services that interest you, feel free to click on the link. Hopefully you'll benefit, the advertiser will benefit, and we will benefit too. If not, don't scroll over the keywords and don't click and your reading experience will be uninterrupted.

We'd like to hear from you about the service. We certainly expect there to be some concerns, and not everyone will like or use the service. In our experience of introducing new features, some will absolutely hate it, and they'll tell us all about it, and more! As usual, we'll try to respond to all your concerns, although can't promise individual responses. We hope and expect the vast majority will see it as an additional service for those people who are interested, and regardless, will not interrupt your reading experience. Please send feedback to


What if you can't see it?
The IntelliTXT software only operates on Internet Explorer browsers, version 5 and above, Netscape 7.2 and above, and Firefox .8 and above.

How to disable
Click here to disable IntelliTXT.

How to re-enable
Click here to enable IntelliTXT.

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