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2002 OSCON Java Issue

ONJava Newsletter for 07/25/2002

Dear Reader,

This is a special ONJava.com newsletter from the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in San Diego this week, with the following features:

First, ONJava.com proudly announces our new ONJava Open Source Java Directory, which highlights many of the major open source Java projects, including Apache Jakarta, JBoss, and more. You can even introduce your open source project here for review and listing.

Second, Eugen Kuleshov demonstrates the simplicity and flexibility of using the open source Jakarta Ant build tool with its driven build scenarios for your custom software automation. Eugen shows how the same Ant script can be called from the command prompt, as well as from a GUI, or even from inside Web containers such as Tomcat and JBoss.

Third, JBoss project contributor Andreas Schaefer says that a few years ago, the challenge was to wrap EJB services around a client's call such as transaction, security, and CMP. However, some didn't want to create a static construct but rather a flexible one for an easy-to-change implementation. Therefore, JBoss 3.0 now uses an "Interceptor Stack", a stack of stateless components, where every call goes through a stack from the first to the last until the target is called. Afterwards, the call unwinds through the stack in reverse order.

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And finally this week, there's part two in a series of book excerpts on XML basics for Java programmers from O'Reilly's "Learning Java, 2nd Edition." This week's excerpt focuses on the SAX API and its application and use.

That's all for now. I hope you're enjoying OSCON.

Steve Anglin
O'Reilly Network Java Editor

New ONJava.com Features

Open Source Java Directory
The ONJava.com Open Source Java Directory highlights many of the major open source Java projects, including Apache Jakarta, JBoss, and more. You can even introduce your open source project here.

Java Software Automation with Jakarta Ant
Jakarta Ant is not only a tool, it's a powerful language that allows you automate Java-based Web applications. This article describes automating a Java servlet with Ant.

JBoss: An In-Depth Look at the Interceptor Stack
The Interceptor Stack implemented in JBoss' EJB Container module has proved so successful, it's being extended into other areas of JBoss 3. A look at the container implementation.

XML Basics for Java Developers, Part 2
In this second part in a multipart series on XML for Java developers from "Learning Java, 2nd Edition," learn about SAX and the SAX API.

Recent ONJava.com Features

Clustering with Tomcat
Web applications can benefit from clustering. This article presents a clustering solution for Jakarta Tomcat to provide high scalability, load-balancing, and high availability using JavaSpaces technology.

NetBeans - Open IDE, Open Platform, Open Source
Because of its modular architecture, the NetBeans IDE is sometimes described as a "disintegrated" development environment -- it's a runtime in which arbitrary modules execute. The runtime handles much of the grunt work and developers concentrate on implementing their logic.

XML Basics for Java Developers
This is the first in a series of book excerpts on XML for Java developers from "Learning Java, 2nd Edition." This excerpt covers XML fundamentals.

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Installing Software with Jakarta Ant
Why depend on someone else to install software on user's machines? An install script and Ant build files do the trick.

Clustering with JBoss 3.0
For scalability and reliability, many Java developers look to their app server's clustering features. This article takes a look at clustering in the open source JBoss app server.

ONJava.com News, Editorials and Events

OSCON Java Conference
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OSCON Java Day 1: Arrival/Tutorials
Arriving at O'Reilly's 2002 Open Source Convention (OSCON), the weather is perfect, as usual, and the embrace is warm, thanks to the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. I'm here to bring atten- tion to the unofficial OSCON Java conference, which started today with two tutorials.

OSCON Preview -- A Java Perspective
Java has arrived at this year's O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON). Unofficially, it's the open source Java confernece out there.

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