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J2EE Web Services

ONJava Newsletter for 08/08/2002

Dear Reader,

This week on ONJava.com, BEA Systems' Al Saganich describes one of the latest emerging Java Web services specifications, JSR 109. This Java Specification Request in the Java Community process (JCP) effectively defines how a J2EE application server extends and natively supports standard Web services specifications and APIs through access, deployment, and management. Al explains JSR 109 in the context of the client and server programming models, and examines how JSR 109 deploys Web services in these models.

Log4J is the open source logging tool developed under the Jakarta Apache project. It is a set of APIs that allows developers to write log statements in their code and configure the tool externally using properties files. This article explains the main concepts of this API, followed by some advanced concepts using a Web-based example application built and served using Jakarta Ant and Tomcat on a Win XP machine.

And finally this week, we have part four in a series of book excerpts on XML basics for Java programmers from O'Reilly's "Learning Java, 2nd Edition." This week's excerpt focuses on validation of documents, which is a key piece of what makes XML useful as a data format. Using a schema is somewhat analogous to the way Java classes enforce type checking in the language. This week's excerpt also talks about JAXB (Java API for XML Binding) and code generation.

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That's all for now. Talk to you again next week. Thanks.

Steve Anglin
O'Reilly Network Java Editor

New ONJava.com Features

JSR 109: Web Services Inside J2EE Apps
Over the past few years J2EE has emerged as the dominant standard for serving up information on the Web. JSR 109 is one of the latest specifications to expand J2EE support into new areas. JSR 109 effectively defines how a J2EE application server could be expanded to provide native support for deploying, managing and accessing Web services in a standard fashion.

Build flexible logs with log4j
log4j, an Apache Jakarta project, offers unprecedented levels of control over logging. This article offers a sample web application to explain how to use log4j.

XML Basics for Java Developers, Part 4
In part four in a series of XML basics for Java develo- pers book excerpts from "Learning Java, 2nd Edition," learn about validating documents.

Recent ONJava.com Features

10 Reasons We Need Java 3.0
It's now seven years since Sun posted the first public release of Java, and it is showing its age. There are many parts of Java that everyone agrees should be fixed, but can't be for reasons of backwards compatibility. Elliotte Rusty Harold imagines a "Java 3" that jettisons the baggage of the last decade, and proposes numerous changes to the core language, virtual machine, and class libraries.

Demystifying Tomcat 4's server.xml File
The Tomcat server.xml file allows you to configure Tomcat using a simple XML descriptor. This XML file is at the heart of Tomcat. This article focuses on the configuration all of the major Tomcat components.

XML Basics for Java Developers, Part 3
In part three in this series of book excerpts on XML basics for Java developers from "Learning Java, 2nd Edition," learn about the Document Object Model (DOM).

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An Introduction to the Java Logging API
JDK 1.4 includes a new logging API. This article details the new API and includes an example program that shows how to use the API in a production environment.

Java Web Services
Web services include SOAP, Web Services Decription Language (WSDL), Universal Discovery and Description Interface (UDDI) and other developing standards. .NET and Java include frame- works and API to fully access and utilize these standards.

XML Basics for Java Developers, Part 2
In part two in this series of book excerpts on XML basics for Java developers from Learning Java, 2nd Edition, learn about SAX.

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