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Replace those Shared Drives with Space Drives

ONJava Newsletter for 08/29/2002

Dear Reader,

This week on ONJava.com, JavaSpaces and P2P Java expert Robert Flenner chimes in on replacing your shared drives with space drives. Space drives are a first step in creating an effective platform for content, community, commerce, and collaboration. Using space drives to coordinate and integrate content indexing, messaging, and simple workflow can go a long way to improving the coordination of activities that most workgroups engage in daily. If this piques your interest and your need to transition, you can test an example space drive implementation found at the end of the article.

Also this week, we have an article on "Web Services and the Search for Really Big Prime Numbers" by Eion Lane. In this article, a Web Services framework will be applied to the problem of factorizing large numbers to check if they are prime. This problem must first be understood in terms of the mathematics behind it. Then the problem is conceptualized and remodeled in UML, and finally, implemented in a service-oriented manner that can be easily translated to a grid-computing architecture for scalability and solution.

And finally, ONJava.com concludes a two-part series excerpted from "JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition" that provides an overview of JSP. This week you'll find an introduction to JSP application design with MVC, the Model-View-Control design pattern, and you'll also learn about JSP processing.

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That's all for now, thanks.

Steve Anglin
O'Reilly Network Java Editor

This Week's Featured Articles

Replace those Shared Drives with Space Drives
PCs gave users flexibility at the cost of accessibility. Shared drives are an attempt to make users' PCs accessible to one another but at the cost of flexibility. Space drives offer the best of both worlds -- sharing resources without locking into a client-server model.

Web Services and the Search for Really Big Prime Numbers
Web Services should open up new avenues of computing. Such as? This article shows how Web Services are an ideal model for computing Mersenne prime numbers, some of the largest primes yet discovered.

JSP Overview, Part 2
In part two of two in this series of book excerpts on JSP Overview from JavaServer Pages, 2nd Edition, learn about JSP processing as well as an introduction on JSP application design with MVC.

ONJava.com News and Weblogs

JBoss vs. Sun
From the ServerSide: "Marc Fleury, founder of JBoss has posted an answer on jboss.org to Sun CEO Scott McNealy's charges that Open Source is destroying the J2EE industry's revenue model

Send your questions to James Gosling...
"Think about it: What questions would you ask James Gosling, Whitfield Diffie, or Rob Gingell about Sun's software -- past, present, or future; theoretical or practical; general or specific?" -- Solaris Developer Connection

Sun Offers $3 Million for Open Source Java
Jason McKerr posts the following on TheServerSide.com: "Sun has announced that they are going to give $3 million to fund open source initiatives for implementing standards that come out of the JCP.

Borland's Galileo explores .NET and Java
According to CNET News.com's Wylie Wong: "Borland's suite of tools, code-named Galileo, will be positioned to compete against Microsoft's popular Visual Studio .NET tool suite, said Ted Shelton, Borland's chief strategy officer."

Java Servlets 2.4 and JSP 2.0 drafts posted
JCP posts Java Servlet 2.4 final draft and JSP 2.0 proposed final draft.

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