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Resin: The Instant Application Server

ONJava Newsletter for 09/19/2002

Dear Reader,

Are you looking for a new Web application server? Imagine a Java Web application server that runs on Unix, delivers incredible performance, is easy to set up, and is inexpensive to boot. Even crazier, imagine that this little application server offers all the features you'd expect from a modern Java server, including JSP/servlets, XML/XSL, and EJB/CMP. You can stop imagining. It actually exists, and it goes by the name of Resin. Daniel Solin shows you how to install and get it running this week on ONJava.com. He concludes with an EJB/CMP example that shows how Resin makes these techniques easily usable.

Also this week, James Elliott, coauthor of O'Reilly's upcoming "Java Swing, 2nd Edition," talks about RelativeLayout, a Constraint-Based Layout Manager. If you're a Java GUI developer, especially if you're working on Mac OS X, this article is one to read. In it, James presents his own layout manager, called RelativeLayout, which aims squarely at mere mortals who are trying to translate their interface ideas into portable and resizable Java GUI implementations.

And finally, ONJava.com hosts the second in a series of book excerpts on getting started with JXTA from O'Reilly's "JXTA in a Nutshell." In this excerpt, learn about peergroups and discovery in the JXTA context, important for understanding peer-to-peer Web services.

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Talk to you again next week.

Steve Anglin
O'Reilly Network Java Editor

This Week's Featured Articles

Resin: The Instant Application Server
Could you use a Java app server that's easy to set up, offers rapid development, and supports EJB/CMP and other standard Java features? Meet Resin. This article gets you installed and running a database-querying app in short order.

RelativeLayout, a Constraint-Based Layout Manager
Theoretically, layout managers can make your app look polished as it moves across platforms. In reality, they tend to be too complex to understand. This article pres- ents a layout manager aimed at mere mortals trying to translate interface ideas into portable and resizable Java implementations.

Getting Started with JXTA, Part 2
In part two in this series of book excerpts on getting started with JXTA from JXTA in a Nutshell, learn about peergroups and discovery, important for undertanding the peer-to-peer Web service.

ONJava.com News and Weblogs

Interviews with a Couple of Sun's Experts
Recently, interviews with Sun's Open Source Diva, Danese Cooper, and Sun's Java Web Services Developer Pack Archi- tect, Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart have been posted.

SunNetwork 2002 Conference and Pavillion
The first SunNetwork conference contains enthusiasm, buzz and more. It is Sun's first user conference in years. Combined with its developer audience, look for the following...

Assessing the risks of open source Java
Posted by TheServerSide.com's Floyd Marinescu: "A recent metagroup article analyzes the risks and benefits of open source, focusing on its uses in the J2EE context.

Another Take on Swing and Java's Success
I enjoyed reading Ted Neward's weblog on The Success of Java, but I disagree with his conclusions and I have an alternative proposal.

IBM would like to see Java freed
According to ZDNet: "While Sun is on a path to open up Java on its own terms, IBM doesn't like where things are heading.

The Success of Java
Java enjoys something of a tarnished history, in some ways. Originally held up as the penultimate client-side technology--everybody remember when "Write Once, Run Anywhere" was the sole slogan for Java?

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