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More EJB Inheritance and OS X Meets

ONJava Newsletter for 09/26/2002

Dear Reader,

In a previous Emmanuel Proulx article, he demostrated how to use a technique to implant inheritance into entity bean objects by emulating inheritance-like behavior in the create and postCreate methods, the home methods, and the finder and ejbSelect methods. According to Emmanuel, "Hacking inheritance behavior into these methods is not natural."

This is especially true for the finder and ejbSelect methods. In other words, finding objects of the base class doesn't fetch objects of subclasses. This week on ONJava.com, Emmanuel shows how to work around this problem using a technique called locate methods. A locate method must know the following in order to perform its duty: the list of all subclasses of the current class, the finder and ejbSelect methods that are associated with the invoked query, and the type of table mapping used.

Also this week, we'll take a look at columns and features originally published on O'Reilly's Mac DevCenter. Mac OS X has certainly created renewed interest in client-side Java, or J2SE, and its Java Foundation Classes (JFC), as well as extended client-side development packages and frameworks such as Java Media. There's even interest in Mac OS X as a possible server-side force. For more on Java and Mac, consider attending the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, to be held in Santa Clara, California, next week.

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And finally this week, ONJava.com hosts the third in a series of book excerpts on getting started with JXTA from O'Reilly's "JXTA in a Nutshell." In this excerpt, learn how to configure your JXTA-based, peer-to-peer application.

Talk to you again next week.

Steve Anglin
O'Reilly Network Java Editor

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