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Using Castor JDO for SQL Mapping

ONJava Newsletter for 10/03/2002

Dear Reader,

This week on ONJava.com, Jeff Lowery explains how Castor JDO provides a lot of capability for simplifying the storage of Java data objects in relational tables and why mapping is so efficient. For example, the use of a mapping file to direct the Castor JDO engine on how to store object member data to table rows and columns reduces the amount of "grunge" code involved in query/ update procedures. Mapping files maintain information about object dependencies as well as primary and foreign keys. Furthermore, you don't have to fuss with such dependencies in either the application code or the database schema.

Also this week, O'Reilly's "Java NIO" author Ron Hitchens chimes in with what he believes are the top ten new things you can do with NIO that you couldn't do before in Java. Despite the fact that "N" stands for "New," NIO is not a replacement for the older I/O classes. It's an alternate approach to modeling I/O services, with less emphasis on the streaming model. NIO concentrates on providing consistent, portable APIs to access all sorts of I/O services with minimum overhead and maximum efficiency.

And finally this week, ONJava.com hosts the fourth in a series of book excerpts on getting started with JXTA from O'Reilly's "JXTA in a Nutshell." In this excerpt, learn about pipes or pipe services. The idea of a pipe is familiar to users of Unix systems: a pipe connects the output from one command to the input of another command.

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Talk to you again next week.

Steve Anglin
O'Reilly Network Java Editor

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Using Castor JDO for SQL Mapping
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NIO brings a host of powerful new capabilities to the Java platform. In this article, Ron Hitchens, author of Java NIO, lists a slew of new things you can do with NIO that you couldn't do before in Java.

Getting Started with JXTA, Part 4
Getting Started with JXTA, Part 4 In part four in this series of book excerpts on getting started with JXTA from JXTA in a Nutshell, learn about JXTA pipes.

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