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XML to PDF? Oh, FOP It.

ONJava Newsletter for 10/18/2002

Dear Reader,

This week on ONJava.com, Vikram Goyal contributes an article on Formatting Objects Processor (FOP), an open source Java API for converting XML data into reports in PDF (besides such other relevant formats as TXT, SVG, AWT, MIF and PS). The software is developed under the Apache XML project and is free to use. This article shows you how to get started with FOP. Most of the examples Vikram covers concentrate on this particular conversion, but he will also cover converting XML data to the Java AWT format.

Also this week, Timothy Appnel discusses the Web Service Inspection Language (WSIL), an XML document format facilitating the discovery and aggregation of Web service descriptions in a simple and extensible fashion. While similar in scope to the Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) specification, WSIL is a complementary, rather than a competitive, model to service discovery. In this article, Tim covers the core elements of the WSIL specification, including how WSIL inspection documents are located. Additionally, he takes a cursory look at the specification's extensibility with service descriptions such as WSDL, and points out some problematic issues in the specification.

And finally this week, ONJava.com hosts the first in a series of book excerpts on working with XML from "NetBeans: The Definitive Guide." In this first excerpt, learn how to install XML support as well as work with XML editors within the open source NetBeans IDE and framework.

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Talk to you again next week,

Steve Anglin
O'Reilly Network Java Editor

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XML to PDF? Oh, FOP It.
FOP is an open source Java API for converting XML data to PDF. This article shows you how it's done.

An Introduction to WSIL
The Web Service Inspection Language (WSIL) is an XML document format to facilitate the discovery and aggregation of Web service descriptions in a simple and extensible fashion.

NetBeans: Working with XML, Part 1
In part one in this series of book excerpts from "NetBeans: The Definitive Guide," learn how to work with XML within the NetBeans framework by installing XML support and working with XML editors.

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