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ONJava.com Monthly Wrap-Up

ONJava Newsletter for 11/05/2002

Dear Reader,

It's that time again, to point you to some of the best Java articles, tutorials, and editorials published in the last month, based on interest, community following, and feedback.

Looking At the New Java NIO

There's been much interest in Java NIO since it was added to Java 2SE. O'Reilly "Java NIO" author Ron Hitchens gives you his top ten new things you can do with NIO.
Top Ten New Things You Can Do with NIO

Extreme Programming for Java

Noted Java expert Daniel H. Steinberg talks about extreme programming (XP) for Java in the latest Extreme Programming for Java tutorial series. In this month's tutorial, he offers a new program for students with a test-first approach to programming and learning Java.
Teaching Java the Extreme Way

Using Castor's JDO (But It's Not Really JDO)

Next, take an in-depth look at using Castor's marshalling engine to do data binding of Java objects to tables, rows, and columns in an SQL database, in this article by Jeff Lowery. While it's really not JDO, it's indeed an alternative to JDO.
Using Castor JDO for SQL Mapping

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Transform Your XML Into PDF and AWT

And finally, Vikram Goyal shows how to get started using Formatting Objects Processor (FOP), an open source Java API for converting XML data into PDF reports. Most of the examples concentrate on this particular conversion, but they cover converting XML data to the Java AWT format as well.
XML to PDF? Oh, FOP It

Just some of the ONJava.com highlights of the last four weeks. Enjoy.

Steve Anglin
Managing Editor, ONJava.com

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