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Tomcat/Apache with mod_jk AND Struts Templates

ONJava Newsletter for 11/21/2002

Dear Reader,

This week on ONJava.com, Using Tomcat columnist and expert James Goodwill returns to begin a new series on using the Jakarta Tomcat JSP/Servlet container with Apache and IIS. In this week's article, James talks about the JK module, or mod_jk, as a conduit between Tomcat and the Apache server. mod_jk replaces the previous Web server module, mod_ jserv, which had many shortcomings. The new mod_jk includes support for a wider variety of Web servers, better SSL support, and support for the AJP13 protocol as well as the entire Tomcat series from 3.2.x to 5.x. Specifically, James covers how to configure Tomcat and Apache using mod_jk version 1.2.

Also this week, developing portal sites without a framework in place can be a difficult job. Using templates can reduce the pain and help with sites where the content and the layout can change in the blink of an eye. Struts can help you develop template-based portal sites, with the Struts Template tags. Vikram Goyal's article covers some basic templating ideas in relation to portals; explains templating support in Struts; and rounds up with a discussion of Struts Template tags versus Tiles, another templating mechanism.

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And to top off this week, ONJava.com hosts the second in a series of book excerpts on using tiles from "Programming Jakarta Struts." In this excerpt, learn how to install and configure tiles. This includes downloading tiles; installing the required JARs; adding the tiles tag library; and configuring tiles to work with Struts. This excerpt also gives a brief overview of tiles in general.

Talk to you again next week.

Steve Anglin
O'Reilly Network Java Editor

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