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Happy Thanksgiving with Inside RelativeLayout

ONJava Newsletter for 11/27/2002

Dear Reader,

This week on ONJava.com, James Elliott, coauthor of "Java Swing, 2nd Edition," has a follow up to his first ONJava article, "RelativeLayout A Constraint-Based Layout Manager." In this week's article James takes a look inside the Java Swing RelativeLayout package; explains how the layout manager works; and discusses how to extend it to support new kinds of constraints. Readers should be familiar with the original article, which introduces RelativeLayout and explains how to use it as a tool.

Also this week, ONJava.com hosts the third in a series of book excerpts on using tiles from "Programming Jakarta Struts." In this excerpt, learn about the tile tag library, where you'll find the following tags insert, definition, put, putList, add, get, getAsString, useAttribute, importAttribute, and initComponentDefinitions.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Steve Anglin
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In part three in this series of book excerpts on using tiles from "Programming Jakarta Struts," learn about the tile tag library.

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