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Distributed Java, QT and 1.4.1, and XML Ease

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 03/20/2003

Dear Readers,

It's time yet again for another Java newsletter. This week, we're happy to bring you one very interesting, if theoretical, article about a new idea in distributed programming.

Traditionally (or popularly), distributed computing means remote procedure calls, with all of the marshalling and demarshalling that implies. A lesser-known research project from the 1980s, which produced a programming language called "Linda," has a different idea. Bernhard Angerer introduces space-based programming. It has the potential to improve clustering, even in applications you never thought needed it, while reducing the amount of code you need. Read more in Space-Based Programming.

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The final excerpt from "Java Swing, 2nd Edition," also went up this week. It covers more than you ever wanted to know about toolbars. (Of course, the bits one person wants to know are different from the bits another person needs, so everyone is happy.) Read more in Java Swing: Menus and Toolbars, Part 7.

Chris Adamson, our QuickTime columnist, came out of the gate running with a highly detailed and informative first weblog. What's Up with Mac OS X Java and QuickTime? explains the breakage and possible rationales for the breakage in Apple's 1.4.1 Java release. What does the future hold there?

And over on XML.com, Kendall Grant Clark ponders Tim Bray's recent comments that XML is too difficult. Read more in An XML Hero Reconsiders.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned--we're working on some very big, very interesting plans. Thanks to everyone who filled out the ONJava survey; your responses were very helpful.

Until next time,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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