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Indexing, Performance Testing, and Swing Menus

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 01/16/2003

Dear Readers,

Thursday afternoon is upon us (at least from the West Coast of the USA), so it's time to see what new articles ONJava.com has for you this week.

Testing's become a well-established best practice these days, with the rise of the agile development approaches and good tools like xUnit. It's a little more difficult to meet a use case that says "This application should respond within one second even when a dozen other people are using the server." Enter JMeter, a Jakarta project for load-testing client/server applications. Budi Kurniawan's Using JMeter introduces the project and demonstrates its basic uses.

Searching seems like an easy problem--until you have to do it. There's always shelling out to grep, but it's not very flexible. That's why Otis Gospodnetic has written Introduction to Text Indexing with Apache Jakarta Lucene. Lucene is an indexing and searching library that can take the pain out of adding searching and indexing to your applications.

This week's book excerpt comes from the second edition of Java Swing. Learn more about Swing menus with Java Swing: Menus and Toolbars, Part 1.

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Until next time,

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