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EJB Inheritance, the Dependency Web, JMenuItem

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 01/30/2003

Dear Readers,

It's Thursday again, in this particular part of the Northern and Western hemispheres, which means it's time yet again for another ONJava.com Newsletter! This week, we have two interesting articles for larger projects.

First up, Emmanuel Proulx has written the final article in his series on EJB 2. This time, he takes a last, long look at inheritance. "Easy," you say. "Inheritance is a core feature of the language. His previous three articles made sense." There's a trick this time--what if you're dealing with remote objects through SOAP or JMS? Emmanuel has the answers in EJB Inheritance, Part 4.

Programming any nontrivial application is one part art, one part discipline, and three parts managing complexity. Objects, procedures, abstractions, patterns, diagrams, and metaphors all help us keep more of a system in our head at any one time. J2EE is not immune from this complexity--far from it! Alex Iskold and Daniel Kogan have an answer, though. In The Dependency Web, they demonstrate how graphing entity relationships can help you analyze the strength of your projects.

This week's book excerpt comes from the second edition of Java Swing. Having learned how Swing menus work, it's time to add menu items. Get to know our versataile friend JMenuItem in Java Swing: Menus and Toolbars, Part 2.

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Don't forget that OSCON 2003 will be in lovely Portland, Oregon this summer. The deadline for talk and tutorial submissions approaches rapidly. If you're involved with open source Java, there's a place for you, but you have to act before February 15!

Until next week,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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