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EJBs in Tomcat, Source Code Analysis, Popup Menus

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 02/13/2003

Dear Readers,

There are five more weeks of winter (at least here in the Northern hemisphere). That thought helps explain the overcast skies. While you're stuck inside (or, if you're enjoying the Southern hemisphere, after a long day of playing in the sun), here's what's new on ONJava this week.

J2EE gets a lot of press these days, but who has time to re-engineer an entire application just to pick up more buzzword-compliance? Isn't programming supposed to make your life easier? Thankfully, there exists the occasional program that makes you more productive. Jacek Laskowsi, a first-time contributor, introduces OpenEJB, a no-fuss, very-little-muss way to use EJBs. Read more in OpenEJB: EJB for Tomcat.

A key principle of code reviews is that if you make a certain type of mistake once, you've probably made it before. By now, really smart programmers will feel their spider senses tingle. (The rest of us just have to play catch-up.) Why not let the computer check for these types of errors? That's just what PMD does--it analyzes Java source code without actually running the program. Tom Copeland introduces the project and even shows how to write your own rules. Read more in Static Analysis with PMD.

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Our Java Swing, Second Edition excerpts have returned. This week, learn all about the JPopupMenu class.

Remember the proposal deadline is Saturday (February 15th) for OSCON 2003. This is your last chance to read about it!

Just to whet your appetite for more whistle-wetting Java goodness, next week will feature another Java and QuickTime combo. (Your editor may have to issue a public apology for the first half of the previous sentence. Stay tuned.)

Until then,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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