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Reading and Writing QT Files, JMenu, A Success Story

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 02/20/2003

Dear Readers,

Your editor spoke at a Linux User Group on Tuesday night, and was treated to a heartwarming story about an ex-mainframe guy, laid off last year, who started his own company and now sells J2EE solutions to small businesses. (It was also nice to hear that he'd realized, on his own, that PostgreSQL fit his needs far better than Access.) To everyone involved in projects like Cactus, Ant, jUnit, Tomcat, and XDoclet (the projects he mentioned specifically), keep up the good work! You're making people's lives easier and you're creating new markets.

As promised a few weeks back, Chris Adamson has returned to explain more about the convergence of QuickTime and Java. (His ultimate plan for this series is really clever, but you'll have to wait and see what he's building!) This time, he has a barnburner of an article on Reading and Writing QuickTime File Formats. Even if you're not ready to write media files just yet, there's an interesting bit at the start about building a file parser that could be used for all sorts of projects.

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This week's book excerpt comes yet again from Java Swing, 2nd Edition. It covers the JMenu class, and explains context-sensitive menus.

Upcoming articles will include a look at Free (and merely free) J2EE tools and platforms, intelligent class string comparisons, and Flash remoting.

There were several interesting weblogs this week, especially on the subject of Sun's alleged "not gonna eat our own dogfood anymore" memo and Robert X. Cringely's "Sun setting?" column.

Whatever the case, if you're getting your job done with quality, panache, and time to spare, there's no cause for alarm.

Pragmatically yours,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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