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JAXM, Better Linking Through JSP, and Load Testing

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 05/01/2003

Dear Readers,

Welcome to this week's Java newsletter. Here's what's new on ONJava.com.

Internationalization, localization, and mirror sites are making the web easier to navigate. Unfortunately, the venerable hyperlink has not yet evolved to take advantage of the myriad possible destinations. XLink and XPointer may eventually fill this void. Until then, Amit Goel suggests a simple custom JSP tag. His latest article, Creating Richer Hyperlinks with JSP Custom Tags, demonstrates a tag that consults an external resources file to determine which and how many links to present in a simple, easily understood format.

RPC-style web services are good for exposing APIs across a network. What if you just want to trace valid XML documents? Document-style web services fill in that gap. Sun's provided JAXM, its XML Messaging API. Rather than the call-and-response format common to RPC-style calls, JAXM allows synchronous and asynchronous operation. Nihkil Patil explains more in Developing E-Business Interactions with JAXM.

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In the third excerpt from the new Java Extreme Programming Cookbook, Erik M. Burke and Brian M. Coyner explain how to simulate load tests with JUnitPerf and introduce custom XDoclet templates. Read more in Cooking with Java XP, Part 3.

That's all for this week. Upcoming articles include further dissection of Java web servers and black-box web tests with HttpUnit.

Until then,

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