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Servlet Innards and Meeting QTJ Again

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 05/15/2003

Dear Readers,

Greetings from overcast Portland, Oregon, home of the 2003 O'Reilly Open Source Convention. Yes, your editor keeps moving around. No, that doesn't stand in the way of providing interesting content for you. Here's this week's scoop:

Budi Kurniawan returns to explore the depths of servlet containers. (Did we mention he's self-publishing a book on Tomcat? Way to go, Budi!) As with his popular "How Web Servers Work," this week's How Servlet Containers Work explores javax.servlet.Servlet; building a simple servlet that handles static and dynamic content.

Chris Adamson also returns with A Gentle Re-Introduction to QuickTime and Java. If you've read his previous work but have never quite put everything together, this is the place to start. He'll be back soon with complex stuff like matrix math, so sharpen your mental scythe here.

Your editor recently flooded his own mailbox with What I Hate About Your Programming Language. Contrary to its title, it's not advocacy; it's an examination of language philosophies and evolutions. The skinny on Java: mandatory exception handling sometimes feels like busywork. That's fine, though.

In the weblog world, Eric M. Burke waxes concisely about Simplicity and "Getting It". Daniel Steinberg responds in Is Erik Burke Qualified to Teach CS (but fails to mention your editor...). In unrelated threads, Uche Ogbuji points to an excellent XML-dev post in Some random noise on rational type systems for XML.

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That brings to a close this edition of the Java newsletter. Tune in next week to hear about interesting language features we can steal (or emulate) from C#.

Until then,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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