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A Lesson from C#, JDO versus CMP

by chromatic
ONJava Newsletter for 05/22/2003

Dear Readers,

Welcome to yet another installment of the Java newsletter. Here's what's new this week in ONJava.

No living programming language ever stops evolving. Witness regexes, generics, multimedia APIs, and other additions to Java. Of course, very few ideas are truly new. That's why Steven M. Lewis (and his cohort, Wilhelm Fitzpatrick) are looking to other languages for new ideas to use in Java. In A Java Programmer Looks at C# Delegates, they explore how delegates (in C# terms, first-class methods) solve certain problems and how to emulate this feature in Java. Perhaps we'll see continuations in the next version of the language?

Object persistence is controversial these days. You've relational fans on one side and object database fans on another. People with lots of RAM might wax fondly about prevalence layers. Some of the rest of us are sick of writing yet another object-relational bridge. In J2EE space, there's a fight brewin' between JDO and CMP. David Jordan and Craig Russell, authors of Java Data Objects, present a high-level comparison in JDO or CMP?, summarized from their book.

Weblog wise, Dion Almaer continues a discussion about Beautiful Code, looking forward to a nicer collection iterator in Java.

Remember, if you're planning to go to OSCON this summer, early bird registration ends tomorrow (May 23rd). Aside from a wealth of open source content, here's what might be of interest to Java programmers:

If you're having trouble convincing your boss to pay your way, tell him that your editor will personally sign a note vouching that you learned twice as much as he would have expected.

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Next week, we'll explore JBoss performance optimizations (easy and cheap) and take a look at Aspect Oriented Programming.

Until then,

O'Reilly Network Technical Editor

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